Flanders Arts Institute supports the process of interculturalisation in the arts. This page will guide you through the topic. We address the following questions:

  • What is interculturalisation?
  • What is the role of Flanders Arts Institute?
  • What steps can organisations take?
    • Where can I find concrete tips to interculturalise?
    • How do I change from a project-based to a more structural approach?
    • Which practical experiences give insight into possible challenges and enrichments?
    • What information and tools are available for interculturalisation?
    • Which experts and organizations can guide interculturalisation projects?
    • Where can I look back – and forward – to Flanders Arts Institute’s activities concerning interculturalisation?

What is the role of the Flanders Arts Institute?

Among other things, Flanders Arts Institute supports practice in the arts. To do this, Flanders Arts Institute does its best to guide the arts sector towards an integrated and transversal approach to interculturalisation. In line with our vision, we do this by:

(1) Creating space for permanent interculturalisation in our own operations, and ensuring that this theme is on the agendas in the arts sector and in governmental policies on the arts.

(2) Development and support in practice in the arts: bringing together and supporting knowledge and expertise about interculturalisation, and sharing it with the arts sector (to read more, see: ‘Steps organisations can take to interculturalise’).

(3) Monitor what is actually taking place in terms of interculturalisation, including both the challenges and the enrichments it brings (see Landscape Sketch 2019, from p. 127, and the chapter on ‘Cultural and Social Diversity’ in  Compendium: Cultural Policies and Trends 2021).

Where can I look back – and look forward – to Flanders Arts Institute’s activities that highlight interculturalisation?

  • Cultuur intercultureel: naar een duurzame, inclusieve cultuursector. (Intercultural Culture: Towards a Sustainable, Inclusive Cultural Sector), a three-part series (2021) in collaboration with deBuren and Sociaal Fonds Podiumkunsten. In Dutch. The knowledge acquired during this series has been collected and is published on our website.
  • In the praktijkgemeenschappen interculturaliseren (Practice Communities for Interculturalisation), practitioners share (learning) experiences, successes, obstacles and challenges beyond the boundaries of their own organisations. Experts moreover provide examples, tools and literature.
  • Upcoming activities can be found on our Meetings and Programmes page.

Research & development

Which areas of focus will determine the future of the arts in Flanders and Brussels? What are the current research projects of Flanders Arts Institute envisioning the development of the arts sector?