Flanders Arts Institute is an interface organisation and expertise centre for the arts from Flanders and Brussels.

What does Flanders Arts Institute do?

Flanders Arts Institute is the professional arts support centre for three disciplines: the visual arts, the performing arts and classical music. For all who work in the arts, Flanders Arts Institute aims to be an inspiration, an available and reliable source of knowledge, a data provider and fact-checker, a source of support, a facilitator and an innovator.

Flanders Arts Institute: For whom?

For all who are professionally active in or around the visual arts, the performing arts and classical music, seen broadly. We work for:

  • artists and other art workers, in the profit and non-profit sectors;
  • policy and government professionals active in arts and culture, or in adjacent social domains such as economics, tourism and foreign affairs;
  • players from education, academia, the press and public opinion;
  • international art workers with an interest in Flanders and Brussels

We are committed to inclusiveness, and in this endeavour are guided by this vision (text in Dutch).

Flanders Arts Institute: A passion for art

We work from a strong commitment to and close involvement with the arts field. Our aim is to contribute to an arts field in which mutual care, fairness and solidarity are paramount.

Flanders Arts Institute’s mandates are defined in the Arts Decree.

  • Our task is to inform you about the arts field. What are its main features? How does it work? How can you position yourself within this field?

☞  For all your questions, you can contact advies@kunsten.be, participate in our Morning Coffees, make use of our advice module, refer to our thematic files and to our knowledge base. We regularly organise information sessions about the Arts Decree and other themes. Be sure to follow our calendar closely.

  • We bring people together and make exchange possible: of knowledge, ideas and experiences, national as well as international.

☞ Check our calendar and open calls page, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

  • We represent the arts field and promote art(ists) in Flanders to international professionals.

☞ Check out our field sketches per (sub)sector, our calendar and our open calls page. And be sure to consult our arts database. Think you should also be included in the database? Be sure to let us know.

  • Every five years we draw up a new Landscape Sketch of the Arts. This is a very detailed description of our arts field, including its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The last landscape sketch dates from 2019.


  • Together with artists and art professionals, we are engaged in innovation and development. We develop tools to promote fair remuneration, collect knowledge about working more sustainably and more inclusively, and about new ways of working and collaborating in the arts.


Flanders Arts Institute: Driven by knowledge

We collect, manage and share all available information about arts policy, the arts field and the arts practice.

☞  Contact us with all your questions! If we don’t have the answer ourselves, we’ll refer you to someone who does.

Research and development

Which areas of focus will determine the future of the arts in Flanders and Brussels? What are the current research projects of Flanders Arts Institute envisioning the development of the arts sector?