Classical Music in Flanders and Brussels


Today in Flanders, music thrives everywhere, with every city boasting a diversity of concert halls or other interesting locations for concerts, festivals and many small-scale initiatives.

It is no coincidence that Flanders has been cutting edge, and still is. Discover our new online platform on classical music, and new publications on Early and Contemporary Music. You can order your print copy here.

More music?

Flanders Arts Institute acquires documentation about matters that relate to the practice of the arts from the perspective of Flanders Arts Institute’s own assignment and activity. Our three key roles (research, support and stimulation of the field’s international activity) and the intrinsic lines of force in our activity (among others, the position of the artist, the audience, diversity, sustainability) determine what documentation is acquired and what documentation is not.

For more information on the collection and the library, contact Tom Ruette.