Flanders Arts Institute aims to be representative and multi-voiced. That’s why we focus on accessible content and events as much as we can.

Do you think we sometimes fail to do that, or do you see improvement somewhere? If so, be sure to let us know at We are aware that this is a learning process and we are fully committed to it.

Content-wise, we try to keep our communication as accessible as possible, for instance by providing translations for those who do not speak Dutch, or offering transcriptions and summaries with our audiovisual content. For those just looking for in-depth information, details and nuance, we offer the Knowledge platform, where we do not shy away from any complexity. The Advisory platform compiles this information into a series of short, but clear tips and recommendations on relevant topics in the sector.

During our events – sometimes physical or digital, sometimes smaller-scale or larger – we seek to provide accessibility in the broadest sense of the word.