A Fair New World?!

With A Fair New World?!, Flanders Arts Institute is connecting its work on fair practices, sustainability, digitisation and inclusive work to the impact of and our handling of this crisis. In doing so, we mainly examine the overlaps and intersections between different challenges, we try to unravel these in close consultation with the sector, and we look for new ideas and practices that offer insight into possible solutions.


Collection of Reports

Opening Panel Discussion

Speakers: Philippine HoegenJivan van der EndeAurélie Nyirabikali Lierman, Myriam Van Imschoot and Carolina Maciel de França.

Corona is not the great equaliser that people sometimes make of it. People in precarious situations are being hit extra hard. Flanders Arts Institute has been working for years on fair practices and the position of the artist, and our search for a Fair New World?! is not new. But today, COVID-19 is causing a crisis that simultaneously places the focus on one of the greatest problems of our time. This is not just a health crisis: the virus is linked to the impact of our behaviour on the environment, which in turn is linked to our mobility, linked to the search for fame and influence, and the way in which art builds symbolic value.

When our mobility is restricted, digital applications take flight, creating opportunities for greater inclusion. At the same time, technology can be coercive and is founded on questionable values. And in the meantime, the call for equality is so loud that despite the risk of contamination, ten thousand people took to the streets this spring for Black Lives Matter. Where do we go from here?

What’s next? 

Fair New World ?! is a development process whose steps are not predetermined: the world, society and the arts field are changing too quickly for that. As a next step, we will be organising focus discussions this autumn.

The aim here is to further explore some of the themes discussed, detect where work is already being done on experimentation and change, and enter into discussions on this Fair New World with people who do not come easily to our activities, but who may have a lot to contribute.

Want to stay informed about these focus discussions? Send an e-mail to sofie@kunsten.be or ann.overbergh@kunsten.be.

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