A Fair New World?!

Our world has changed rapidly as result of the current circumstances. Those changes ask for resilience, togetherness and solidarity – aslo in the arts.

Since the corona crisis, Flanders Arts Institute’s project A Fair New World?! has been exploring ways in which we can collectivelyshape the new world.

We do this through gathering knowledge, encouraging experimentation, involving people in conversation on how to organise ourselves more effectively in the arts.

How to shape a new world?

Here we gather ideas, practices and tools that offer possible solutions.

A Fair New Idea?!

We organized four open calls for project proposals under the nam A Fair New Idea?!that contribute to a strong, fair and sustainable arts field as part of the programme A Fair New World?!

Here you find the project proposal results and developments of the four open calls

In conversation about a new world

On a regular basis, we organise meetings and discussions to exchange knowledge and ideas on topics such as fair practices, sustainability, digitalisation, inclusive working …

Below, we collect the outcome of those conversations in videos, reports and summaries.

Discover more areas of focus

Which areas will determine the future of the arts in Flanders and Brussels? Discover them here.