Operating subsidies: Collaboration is an art

Collaboration is quite common in the cultural sector. But what is the quality of your collaboration? Always a good thing if you can show that it is appreciated by all partners. And a doubly good thing if your high-quality collaboration is prominent throughout your application. 

Good agreements, good friends

Share the same goal? Agreement with respect to content? And who pays what? A lot is involved in a partnership. Prove not only here – under the criterion ‘partnerships’ – that things are going well between you and the partner organisations. Do it a little bit everywhere: during the concrete implementation, in your budget, under the fair practices criterion.

Specific to your function(s)

Do you engage in production and/or participation? In development and/or reflection? For each function, the assessment committee looks at the partnership(s) from a specific perspective. Want to know more about these function-specific sub-criteria and ‘collaboration’? Contact Flanders Arts Institute. 

Three attention points

If necessary, link your collaboration to the minister’s attention points.

  • Diversity and landscape care. In other words, your own unique place that complements other players in the cultural field. Players, moreover, that can be found within and outside the cultural sector. This kind of collaboration is strongly encouraged. 
  • Art as community building. In other words, the broadening and deepening of leisure-time and art participation. Think of local anchoring. And certainly also of the target group of children and youth. Transversal collaborations with the media, youth, welfare, education, community integration, entrepreneurship, etc. are high on the agenda. 
  • Internationalisation, together with national and international outreach. In other words, partner organisations at home and abroad. An international collaboration only comes across as credible if it was already in the pipeline before your application. From substantive exchange during artistic research to presentation opportunities: show that your mutual international engagement is well prepared. You may be able to set up a collaboration more quickly at a national level, but it is also best to coordinate this before submitting an application.

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