Operating subsidies: internationalisation of the arts sector

Flemish arts are something we should be proud to present. Preferably far beyond our national borders. If you do well internationally, your dossier also scores well on a criterion that the minister considers very important. But what exactly does the assessment committee pay attention to?

All segments

The minister makes internationalisation a focal point for “all projects and structural operations”. The entire arts sector is therefore given a global playing field.

Within the great of the earth

The minister also asks the committee to check whether your application is ‘sufficiently assessed and positioned at international level”. Is your organisation’s work visible abroad? Is it appreciated abroad or can you compete with art organisations beyond our national borders? Then you’re fine.

Priority countries

Feel free to travel to all corners of the earth with your art. Because internationalisation is always good. Don’t have the resources, time, or the right partners for that? Then the minister suggests a number of priority countries. The list is not yet available, but the focus will probably lie on the North.

Partners in outreach

Be sure to re-read the logic under national and international outreach. There you’ll find that you don’t even have to exhibit, appear, speak or perform abroad. You can also collaborate with foreign organisations while remaining in Flanders. Or relate to the international art world in a different way.