Operating subsidies: the art of community building

An artistic reflection on current challenges. Or an interactive installation that connects people. Art does not live on an island; it is at the heart of society. You of course can promote social cohesion in many ways. Three ways receive extra attention in the decree. Ready for an active role in the community?

1. Enticing education

Art stimulates. It invites you to explore and makes you think. In this way art entices children and young people into becoming critical and involved citizens. 

Where to find them? In education. Not only formal daytime education, but also (art) educational organisations play a role here. 

Working with such organisations is a win-win situation. Community building with this important target group? Check. At the same time, together with the perspective of children and young people, you also allow a multiplicity of voices to participate.

2. Everything local

Audience reach and dissemination: these are the challenges faced by the cultural sector. The secret lies in quality work at a local level. Through cultural centres and libraries, for example. Or neighbourhood committees. A community centre. Why not? Because local coordination is also important.

3. About the professional wall

Art for and with everyone. At any age, with whatever roots, in all languages, for all genders, for all orientations, with or without disability, with or without money. To accomplish this, collaboration and participation are key. 

‘Community building’ encourages the sector to join forces. Artists among themselves. Or art organisations. But also professional and amateur artists. Part-time art education and adult socio-cultural work. Every collaboration counts. Be sure to check the topic partnerships and participation.

Not just a bit of social embedding

There are high expectations surrounding in-depth, social embedding. You – together with education, neighbourhood organisations, other cultural actors and non-cultural partners – try to reach different groups.  Transverse. This means across all layers of society.

If you take this approach, this solid anchoring will also yield results. A very engaged audience? With both feet planted in a local community? Perhaps differing perspectives will collide and different insights develop as a result. Or a collaboration becomes a source of surprising input.