Operating subsidies: National and international outreach in the arts

One organisation is strongly anchored locally, the other participates with players worldwide. And everything in between. The different levels are difficult to compare with each other, so the assessment committee also does not do so. It looks at the outreach that specifically suits your organisation.  


The export of Flemish arts is going well. There is considerable international attention. Does your concert, theatre company or exhibition also travel to Europe or far beyond? Or do you attract foreign artists? Show in your application your organisation’s relationship to the world. And don’t forget to include this in the partnerships and budget sections. If you travel across borders, you will undoubtedly have international partners and references. 

Telling your story

Not all artists and art organisations have an international scope. On the contrary, some consciously choose to work very locally. Think of a focus on refugees or on local residents only. This approach may be so unifying and unique that your organisation deserves to be known (far) beyond national borders.

This is also outreach: going international with a local story. So be sure to include any foreign resonances in your application. And link your organisation to comparable foreign practices. Are there other art organisations in the rest of the world that do what you do? Refer to other organisation(s); demonstrate that you know them. And they you. 

All “international”

It may be reassuring: to be international, you don’t have to travel internationally. Sometimes it’s enough to know what is going on elsewhere in the art world. At the same time, this is really a basic precondition: your organisation must at least look beyond our national borders for anchor points. So… know what’s going on in the world.

Operating grants

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