Operating subsidies: Diversity & landscape care

The Arts Decree contains two brand new concepts: diversity and landscape care. Admittedly, these are a tough challenge. And at the same time an incredible opportunity. We explain why below.


In this context: allowing multiple voices to be heard. Figuratively: Bringing in different perspectives, presenting people from different backgrounds, reaching a divergent audience. Indeed. Diversity is all about listening to divergent voices and inclusion.

Landscape care

Take a look around: in a landscape you see heathland and meadows, polders and dunes, parks and gardens. An orchard may not be a forest, but together all these plots ensure biodiversity. The same is true for subsidies. 

Resources are distributed to enhance diversity across the entire cultural landscape. Not everyone can do everything, but together the arts domain should benefit as much as possible. 

So you need to know the place your organisation occupies in the landscape. Who are the other players in the field? How do you work with them? How does your organisation complement other organisations? Or are you filling in a gap?

Mix and match in your application

In your application, you need to combine diversity with landscape care. Demonstrate your unique yet complementary place in the cultural ecosystem. Perhaps you perform an exceptional function or discipline in your region? A separate target audience? A unique organisational form? Which voices do you allow in? Talk about your unique approach or connecting vision. About your relevant, unique contribution to the wider cultural network.