Operating grants: Personnel policy for cultural subsidies

This precondition for cultural subsidies is also an important one. Personnel policy. And this means more than a list on paper. But there is good news. With a strong personnel policy, you at the same time tick off a few more criteria.

Personnel policy and the joint industrial council  

Personnel policy is closely related to the joint industrial council. A good personnel policy complies with the collective bargaining agreement of the joint industrial council under which your activities fall. This will appear in several places in your application. Here, under the item personnel policy. And in your budget, where you demonstrate that you pay employees and artists correctly. 

Personnel policy and … percentages   

Thus correct wages, in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement of your joint industrial council or after fair negotiations. Check. Luckily you have the money for that too. More than 50 percent of your subsidies may go to compensation of permanent and freelance staff. And because fair wages are so important: at least 50 percent must go to remuneration

Personnel policy and principles & (fair) practices 

Fair wages okay? Then you can already check off one of the fair practices. And there are other fair principles that you can apply with a strong personnel policy: integrity and good governance. Both an absolute must, so include them in your personnel policy. In this way you show that it’s not just about principles on paper. A fair personnel policy is an integral practice in your organisation.