RESHAPE: Values of Solidarity

26 nov 2021
Workshop over samenwerken en solidariteit in de kunsten tijdens Proximamente Festival

Get to know your peers and colleagues working in the art field in Flanders and Latin America. Using the Values of  Solidarity Game, you will engage in an informal talk about the underlying values and attitudes that underlie and  shape collaborations.

The Gamified Toolkit (c) Michiel Devijver

The Gamified Toolkit: Values of Solidarity has been created by Dorota Ogrodzka, Aniko Racz, Doreen Toutikian in the framework of RESHAPE.

It is a tool to promote collaborative communication and attitudes  relating to the solidarity paradigm. Its purpose is to give participants a chance to express what values are important  to them in their collaboration, to understand how others think and what is important and necessary for them to  work and communicate together.

The workshop also provides inspiration and an opportunity to reflect on how the  team wants to deal with possible conflict.


If you would like to participate (free of charge), send an e-mail to

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