A Fair New Idea?! #1: Working with care – Common Income

Common Income is a research project about the possibility to share income between (not only) artists and cultural workers in Flanders.

How can a collective capital create more financial security for individuals within and even outside the arts? We share inspiring practices and will develop an experiment ourselves.

Common Income is supported by A Fair New World ?!.

Mapping existing practices of sharing income (2021)

Part of the research work is mapping (and also interviewing) other inspiring practices in which individuals share income to create more social security for each other. These projects embrace values like solidarity, collectivity and/or social cohesion. Maybe they also can inspire you? If you know other practices that we should look into, please email us!

Involving others’ ideas, e.g. during Money Moments (2022)

We want to break the taboo on money. During our Money Moments, artists and cultural workers share their needs, doubts and ideas about income. Read some of the most striking Money Quotes that came up during these conversations.

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Designing and executing a pilot project

About Common Income

Common Income started out as a project by Leontien Allemeersch, Thomas Decreus, Wouter Hillaert, Justine Maxelon and Anna Rispoli, and was later joined by Roger Fähndrich, Kopano Maroga, Laura Oriol, Sandra Sara Raes Oklobdzija, Elien Ronse, Leonore Spee, Camille Soual, Nele Vereecken, with additional support of Lou Mechraoui, Martina Petrovic, Katrien Reist and Joan Somers Donnelly.

In addition to the support of Flanders Arts Institue within the framework of A Fair New Idea?!, Common Income is also supported by State of The Arts (SOTA).

A Fair New World?!

How can we move towards a more inclusive, sustainable and solidary art world?! During the A Fair New World?! trajectory (2020-2022) we gathered ideas, practices and tools that offer possible solutions.

A Fair New Idea?!

We launched four open calls for project proposals that contribute to a strong, fair and sustainable arts-field. Check out the results and developments.