New plans of action against transgressive behaviour (2024-2025)

On 29 April 2024, the Minister of Culture and the Minister of Media launched two new, sector-specific action plans against transgressive behaviour. The evaluation of the previous Action Plan (2018-2022) showed that a targeted approach to transgressive behaviour, tailored to the specific context and needs of each sector, is the most effective approach. This simultaneously provides for cooperation between the various cultural, audiovisual and media sectors. The implementation of the action plan for the film, media and audiovisual sector is in the hands of the mediarte social fund.

Action plan cultural sector

The coordination of the action plan for the cultural sector was in the hands of the Department of Culture, Youth and Media, in cooperation with various support points, advocacy groups and social funds (including Flanders Arts Institute). Compared to the previous plan, there is a wider scope that will support the circus field, the cultural heritage sector, the literature sector, socio-cultural adult work and the amateur arts as well as the professional arts sector. Prevention and recovery are central with a particular focus on reaching small organisations and vulnerable profiles such as volunteers, members, participants, flex workers, freelancers and individual practices.

The three key points of the plan are knowledge sharing and awareness, procedures and points of contact, recovery and response. What has already been built up since 2018 will be updated and supplemented where necessary. To this end, the Minister of Culture provides an additional budget of €100,000 per year for, among other things, additional training and a central point of contact within the government that facilitates peer support.

Flanders Arts Institute will be a member of the steering committee, and will participate in various actions. Other sector partners include NICC, oKo, Social Fund Performing Arts, VI.BE, …

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