A Fair New Idea?! #2: Working internationally – Podcast: Sustainability and International Collaboration in the Arts

Podcast: Sustainability and International Collaboration in the Arts

Broadening the conversation about ‘Sustainability and International Collaboration in the Arts’: Crossed perspectives from India, Bulgaria, the UK, Iran and the Gaza Strip. This is a series of conversations between Jumana Al-Yasiri and artists and art leaders from different contexts and continents.

In 2020, Flanders Arts Institute launched A Fair New World?!: four open calls in search for a more fair, sustainable and solidairy arts field. The second call was centred around sustainability and international collaboration in the arts.

Ten arts professionals were selected out of the open call for a one-year group reflection on that theme. We invited independent arts manager and writer Jumana Al-Yasiri to collaborate on the dissemination of the trajectory. She conducted five conversations with arts leaders and artists from various geographical zones and contexts, about the question of sustainable international work in the arts:

  • Yasen Vasilev (Bulgaria)
  • Nike Jonah (UK, African diaspora)
  • Arundhati Ghosh (India)
  • Mohamed Abusal (Gaza)
  • Golrokh Nafisi (Iran)

Read a detailed introduction by Jumana herself below, and listen to the five conversations.

A Fair New Idea?!

We launched four open calls for project proposals that contribute to a strong, fair and sustainable arts-field. Check out the results and developments.

A Fair New World?!

How can we move towards a more inclusive, sustainable and solidary art world?! During the A Fair New World?! trajectory (2020-2022) we gathered ideas, practices and tools that offer possible solutions.