What we do

Flanders Arts Institute supports and stimulates the development of the arts and policy. The organisation is active in three main areas.

Analysis & research of the arts landscape
The organisation collects, analyses and publishes data on the arts and policy by consulting with all parties concerned, an active involvement in the field of action, and research into the artistic ecosystem in Belgium and abroad.

Support for artists and organisations
The organisation supports the development of artists and art organisations through knowledge sharing and support on the basis of analysis and research results and with a helicopter vision of the entire artistic ecosystem. Flanders Arts Institute releases publications and presentations, organises information sessions and provides individual advice focused on topical themes and on the sustainable long-term development of the artistic practice.

Internationalisation of the arts
Flanders Arts Institute supports internationalisation in the arts. The organisation stimulates artists and organisations to engage in and maintain international relations by organising visitor and exchange programmes and the organisation of spotlights on Flanders abroad.

For the period 2017–2021, the organisation focuses on seven lines of action, which all have an element of analysis, support and internationalisation:

(1) Ecosystem of the arts: offering an overview of and stimulating reflection about the artistic ecosystem as a whole. 

(2) The central position of the artist: reinforcing the position of individual artists, in artistic and socio-economic terms. 

(3) Flanders Arts International: reinforcing the international dimension of the arts from Flanders and Brussels. 

(4) Art makes the difference: reinforcing the intercultural dimension of the arts in Flanders.

(5) The public value of art: stimulating sector and policy to let a broad and diverse audience take part in the arts. 

(6) Art and transition: stimulating the arts sector to contribute to the transition towards a sustainable society.

(7) Transformers: accompanying artists and organisations in their search for new forms of organisation, alternative models and diagonal connections with other sectors. 

Research and development

Which areas of focus will determine the future of the arts in Flanders and Brussels? What are the current research projects of Flanders Arts Institute envisioning the development of the arts sector?