International programmes

UFO #3 Public Programme Kunsthal Gent (c) Anne van der Pot

Flanders Arts Institute offers art professionals different programmes to actively engage with our arts’ ecosystem and its players. Aside from our research and development activities, we’re a matchmaker for artists, art organizations and art professionals in Flanders and abroad.

The international programmes of Flanders Arts Institute facilitate long-term relations between artists, art professionals and organisations from Flanders and abroad. This enables the artists’ and organizations’ international visibility, contributing to the development, co-production, presentation and distribution of works and stimulating learning and sharing on different subjects within the arts.

We offer a variety of programmes, from curated visitors’ programmes in Flanders and Brussels to different exchange and discovery programmes across borders. The programmes are tailored to both individuals and groups and cover visual arts, music and performing arts.

About our visitors programmes

Every year, Flanders Arts Institute welcomes around 150 international guests from within Europe and other continents during three- to five-day programmes. For more ambitious visitors’ programmes, Flanders Arts Institute collaborates with similar organisations in Belgium, Europe and overseas.

Visitors’ programmes are tailored to the needs of

  • individuals, with unique custom-made programs based on the interests of the guest and on what Flanders has to offer;
  • groups, based on an art discipline or a theme and with a program which is proposed by Flanders Arts Institute.

About our exchange & discovery programmes

In the spirit of follow-the-actor Flanders Arts Institute creates exchange and network opportunities abroad for artists, art organizations and art professionals from Flanders and Brussels during international festivals, showcases, meetings, workshops and research visits.

Flanders Arts Institute collaborates with other intermediary organizations in Belgium, Europe and overseas for the most ambitious activities around exchange and discovery.

The Institute actively looks for synergies with international relations’ policies and with other domains like diplomacy (Department of Foreign Affairs), economy (Flanders Investment and Trade) and tourism (Visit Flanders).

At the same time, we’re deepening relations with neighboring countries and we develop specific focuses on regions – like the Balkans and the MENA-region.

Other ways of exploring Flanders’ arts scene

Looking for a specific artist, organization or production? Via our online arts’ database – that we’re currently giving a thorough update  – you can easily search for artists, organizations, productions and music releases.

Interested to get a quick introduction to our visual arts, music or performing arts’ landscape? Read introductions to Flanders’ arts’ scene or explore our online specials and who’s who’s.

Cultural exploration and exchange with(in) Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

A focus on diversity in the arts in Flanders leads us to the countries where migrants come from. Artists in Flanders are establishing relationships with artists from Morocco and Tunisia – and vice versa -. Western European artists and programmers (with a migration background) are investing in infrastructure and networks in the MENA region today.

Cultural exploration and exchange with South-East Europe

Artists and organisations from Flanders and Brussels (and from Western/Northern Europe) do not usually work so frequently with players from the Balkans or countries bordering the Union. Our market logic is pushing us towards other regions and continents. And yet, in the changing zeitgeist, it is more than ever imperative to seek to connect with the South and Eastern Europe.