Vision, mission and history

Karel Stulens met Antwerp Symphony Orchestra o.l.v. assistent-dirigent Martijn Dendievel. Foto: (c) Wouter Maeckelberghe

Flanders Arts Institute is an interface organisation and expertise centre for the arts from Flanders and Brussels.

The organisation caters to both national and international professional arts audiences. The organisation is known as Kunstenpunt to national audiences.

The institute is the contact point for foreign art professionals in search of information on the visual and performing arts and on music in Flanders. To increase the awareness and visibility of the Flemish arts scene on an international level we stimulate and help develop international collaboration, communication and exchange between artists, art professionals and policy-makers. With this, we are aiming to build sustainable international relations and to encourage and support exchange and cooperation on an international scale.


In carrying out its mission, Flanders Arts Institute places the artist at the centre of its activities. As a support organisation for the arts sector and the policy, it adopts an independent position with a broad vision on the entire arts landscape. Diversity within the arts and the transition towards sustainable work and organisation models are spearheads of its activity.


Flanders Arts Institute wants to stimulate the development of the arts and the policy and to feed the debate about the arts in society. Flanders Arts Institute wants to do so by:

  • mapping the artistic ecosystem;
  • disseminating knowledge and expertise about the arts in Flanders and Brussels in Belgium and abroad;
  • connecting players in the arts and the policy – including areas outside the arts;
  • reinforcing the international dimension of the arts.


Flanders Arts Institute emerged in 2015 out of the fusion of the former support organisations for visual arts (BAM – Flemish Institute for Visual, Audiovisual and Media Art), music (Flanders Music Centre) and performing arts (VTi – Institute for the Performing Arts in Flanders).

Research and development

Which areas of focus will determine the future of the arts in Flanders and Brussels? What are the current research projects of Flanders Arts Institute envisioning the development of the arts sector?