Gezocht: alternatieve manieren van samenwerken in de kunsten



RESHAPE wants to bring professionals from Europe and the South Mediterranean together in an experimental process of further developing their innovative practices and help transform the entire arts ecosystem.

RESHAPE is looking for artists and cultural workers who have tried and managed to devise alternative models of working together or have engaged audiences in innovative ways.

For whom?

Are you an artist or cultural worker who has developed practices that this project considers urgent? Are you working in Europe and/or in the South Mediterranean? Would you like to contribute to creating new working models? Then you should get on our map! You can send us info about your work and become a part of the Directory of experimental practices.

How to apply?

SIMPLE AND BASIC: SHARE YOUR INFO in the RESHAPE Directory if you feel that your ideas and actions can be inspirational to other professionals in Europe and the South Mediterranean.

There’s no deadline to do this. We’ll update our Reshape Directory every month with new entries.

Application form here