Sixteen new works by Flemish composers selected for new CD

Opnames Fingerprints met Koi Collective

Flanders Arts Institute, Klara Radio and ComAV are publishing a fifth edition of the Fingerprints CD in spring. The Fingerprints series aims to promote the work of living composers among (inter)national professionals. Each CD provides a sample of composing Flanders.
Through an open call, compositions were sought for the Firgun Ensemble, Koi Collective or electronics. From the 59 submissions, we selected a total of 16 works that were recorded this week in the VRT studios.

Sixteen new compositions

  • Luc Bataillie – La Llorona Consolidad
  • Bart Van Kerckhove – Lovelings Lovely Sisters
  • Geroge De Decker – Regards
  • Siebe Thijs – Rascheln IIIA
  • Ward De Vleeschhouwer – Mototaxi
  • Annelies Van Parys – Aphorisme
  • Kristof Lauwers – Shards
  • Eddy Flecijn – Struggling to Survive
  • Wilfried Westerlinck – Spleen
  • Theo Carpentier – Nostalgia
  • Mart Flecijn – Drop
  • Jasper Charlet – Jörmungandr
  • Julia Omaar Emmery – A Song Before Dying
  • Marc Mathys – Winter Dance
  • Benjamin Windelinckx – Fleurs

The jury took extensive time to make the selections carefully. Besides the radiophonic content, they focused on works from which we can make valuable recordings and those that best fit the style and identity of the performing ensembles. In this way, we want to ensure that the music is not only captured on CD, but can also find a place in the musicians’ concert repertoire, which will only benefit the longevity of the music.

Klara, ComAV, Flanders Arts Institute, Firgun Ensemble and Koi Collective would like to thank all the composers for their time and energy. The ensembles find it valuable that their repertoire can grow in this way.

Spring 2024

The CD will be released on CD and online in the spring. The recordings will be made available through mainstream streaming services.

The CD will not be sold commercially but distributed for promotional purposes. Composers and ensembles will receive a few copies, the rest will be distributed by Kunstenpunt at national and international fairs, sector events and meetings.