Fingerprints #3: a compilation of short Flemish compositions

On Fingerprints # 3, Composers Archipel Vlaanderen (ComAV), Klara and Flanders Arts Institute collect the fingerprints of Flemish and Brussels composers. 21 short pieces paint a picture of composing Flanders today.

Fingerprints #3 wants to highlight Flemish contemporary music for national and international music professionals and for classical musical enthusiasts. For this third compilation album, Flemish and Brussels composers were asked to (anonymously) submit  short, radio-friendly compositions. New for this edition is the inclusion of non-Western instruments.

The compositions were recorded by Klara – the Belgian radio station for classical music – in Studio Toots and will be used for broadcast. The album is also available on iTunes. Fingerprints 3 was made possible with the support of Sabam for Culture.

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About Fingerprints

Fingerprints is the result of a collaboration between the Composers Archipel Vlaanderen (ComAV), Klara and Flanders Arts Institute. In response to the demand for more classical music on the radio, the members of ComAV issued the assignment to write short, radio-friendly compositions.

For the first CD, released in 2011 by Flanders Music Center (now Flanders Arts Institute), 48 composers each wrote a work of less than two minutes. The recording was made by Klara. In 2016 a second CD followed in this partnership, this time with 25 works by 23 composers who leave their mark on contemporary classical music, performed by the cream of young Flemish talent.

More information

Questions about Fingerprints? Contact Stef Coninx of Flanders Arts Institute.


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