Fingerprints #4 – Discover new work by composing Flanders

For this fourth edition, Flemish composers once again wrote short radio-friendly works of about three minutes. The music for this edition was written for string and saxophone quartet.

Klara, VRT Music, Componisten Archipel Vlaanderen (ComAV), Flanders Arts Institute and Sabam for Culture joined forces to release the music. The aim is to promote the work of living composers among international professionals. The selected compositions will be released on a non-commercial CD and in an online playlist.

The musicians of the Desguin Quartet and the Scarbo Saxophone Quartet participated in the recordings. Both ensembles were winners of the Supernova competition.

Week of Belgian Music on Klara

During the fall of 2021, 48 submitted works were assessed anonymously by a professional jury. The 21 selected compositions were recorded by Klara in the VRT’s Studio Toots during November and December.

They were introduced on various Klara radio programmes during Belgian Music Week from 31 January to 6 February. The music has also been available via streaming platforms since 31 January. The CD release is planned for March 2022.


The Fingerprints series aims to promote the work of living composers among international professionals. In response to the demand for more classical music on the radio, the members of ComAV organised a competition for short, radio-friendly compositions.

The first CD was released in 2011 by Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen. Then, 48 composers each wrote a piece of less than two minutes for the Spectra Ensemble musicians. The recording was made by Klara.

In 2016, a second CD in this collaboration followed, this time with 25 works by 23 composers who are leaving their mark on contemporary classical music, performed by the best young Flemish talent.

The third edition of Fingerprints was released in 2019 and featured 21 works by as many composers. New to this edition was the introduction of non-Western instruments.

Fingerprints #4


  • 01. Noah Thys,  Finding part 4 uit: Saifu, String Quartet #1  2:55
  • 02.  Eddy Flecijn, Magicae Quattuor 2:35 *
  • 03.  Raoul De Smet, Speeltje 2:44 *
  • 04.  Luc Bataillie, Brevier 3:58
  • 05.  Toon Daems, Confusion part 2 – the end 3:18
  • 06.  Yves Bondue, Yellow Blue 3:13
  • 07.  Manten Van Gils, #Letters – Ten Dans 2:26
  • 08.  Herman Lemmens, Euphoria-wals 2 :56
  • 09.  Guy Cuyvers, Victorian Dance 2 :33
  • 10.  Jasper Charlet, Elegy 2:59
  • 11.  Pieter Schuermans, Seven for Sax Quartet 3:18 *
  • 12.  Rob Wouters, Kleurenkwartet 4:00 *
  • 13.  Bart Verstraeten, Napaea 3:26
  • 14.  Sebastian Bradt, Kwarts 2:44
  • 15.  Bart Van Kerchove, Hunter 2:45
  • 16.  Matthias Coppens, Agitato part 2 uit: String Quartet opus 15 3:26
  • 17.  Siebe Thijs, Agitato part 2 uit: Four Miniatures for String Quartet 1:54
  • 18.  Dietrich Van Akelyen, The Spiral Dance 3:07
  • 19.  Stefan Meylaers, Timelapse 3:02
  • 20.  Marc Wijnand, De x-as 3:09 *
  • 21.  Ward De Jonghe, Fuga a 4 voci 2 :58 *

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Scarbo Saxophone Quartet (c) Tine Declerck

SCARBO SAXOPHONE QUARTET (* tracknumbers 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21)

  • Simon Diricq, soprano saxophone
  • Bart Van Beneden, alto saxophone
  • Asagi Ito, tenor saxophone
  • Pieter Pellens, baritone saxophone
Desguin Kwartet (c) Bart Boodts


  • Wolfram Van Mechelen, violin
  • Ludovic Bataillie, violin
  • Rhea Vanhellemont, alt violin
  • Pieter-Jan De Smet, cello