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Flanders Arts Institute (Kunstenpunt)

still from Eyelidless by Yamila Ríos, DOP teaser: Emilie Sornasse (full credits below)

A strong, fair and sustainable arts field during and post corona will need to address the impact of digital technology.

Digital is part of our daily lives, interacting with our physical, mental and emotional states. Together, these states make up the world we inhabit and impact the ways we produce and experience culture.

From this holistic perspective, Flanders Arts Institute (Kunstenpunt) is looking for people that call the status quo into question and suggest possible or alternative ways to work digitally in the arts

Flanders Arts Institute is providing a total of 12,000 euros to one or more working groups that want to develop (a) specific idea(s) for up to 1 year. How this budget will be allocated, will depend on the proposals received and selected by the jury. A fair distinction will be made between participants with a fixed income and those working on a freelance or independent basis.

Apply for our third ‘A Fair New Idea’ call


The call welcomes any ideas related to working digitally in the arts.

This includes topics such as:

  • digital literacy
  • online platforms for artistic expression or dissemination
  • tools to address inequality
  • the many environmental, social and political implications of adopting digital technology
  • reaching digitised audiences
  • interconnecting digital tools
  • developing codes of conduct
  • critically addressing imperial dynamics in technology

Principles and criteria

Two principles are paramount:

  • we encourage collaboration
  • we champion the sharing of and conversation about submitted ideas

In addition, the jury will apply a number of selection principles: fairness and sustainability; accessibility and transparency; a view on privacy, privilege and extraction; and an inquisitive attitude with respect to technology.

Flanders Arts Institute is unable to fund artistic production. Ideas to be developed through artistic practice are welcomed, as long as they benefit not only the (trajectory of) the artist(s) involved, but a larger part of the artistic community or ecosystem. 

Ideas should strive to have an impact on working digitally in the arts in Flanders and Brussels.


The call will take place in two steps:

  • In the first round, brief statements are submitted and published online.
  • For the second round, Flanders Arts Institute and the jury will seek out similar or complementary ideas and suggest – but not impose – collaboration. 

Round 1

Candidates can submit a short statement through this form (available April 19th), briefly outlining an area of interest and viewpoint, and how that is relevant to this open call. These statements will be published on our A Fair New Idea?! platform. If they wish, candidates may submit more detailed info by e-mail to

It will be possible for candidates to review, comment on and discuss each other’s submissions.

The deadline for applying is 14 May 2021.

Apply for our third ‘A Fair New Idea’ call

Round 2

Not all submissions will be selected to proceed. Flanders Arts Institute will contact all candidates, informing them of the results of round 1.

The jury will review all submissions and seek out groups of complementary or similar submissions. Selected candidates may be contacted as a group (composed by the jury) and invited, but not obliged to work on a joint submission. 

The Step 2 work will be funded at a rate of 400 euros per proposal.

The joint or individually developed proposals must be submitted by 25 June 2021. The jury will then decide how the available budget of 12,000 euros will be allocated. A fair distinction will be made between participants with a fixed income and those working on a freelance or independent basis.

The jury

The jury for this call consists of:

  • Cristina Cochior
  • Kristien Van den Brande
  • Jara Rocha
  • Miriyam Aouragh
  • Jivan van der Ende
  • Tim De Paepe

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Image credits

By Yamila Ríos

Concept, direction & music composition: Yamila Ríos
Dramaturgy and performative design: Diego Echegoyen
Lightning design, video edition and live streaming technical direction: Ofer Smilansky
Dop live performance: Pauline Beau Djilas 
Dop pre-recorded material and video teaser: Emilie Sornasse
Assistance on set: Pierre-Louise Kerbart
Costume design: Jennifer Defays/Genders-astray
Graphic identity and  animated interventions: Raul Luna
Historical research: Liesbeth Schoonheim