Operating subsidies: Relevance in the arts landscape

Making a difference, that’s what everyone wants. Certainly artists and art organisations. They want to be relevant. And that’s a good thing. If you can demonstrate that your organisation makes a unique contribution to society in general and the arts in particular, then you are in the right place.

Prove you’re different

Unique? You? Yes. Look at the broader arts landscape and show that you complement what other organisations are doing. Maybe it’s because of an unusual theme. Or a socially relevant target group. Or your way of working is really needed in your region. Collaborations or advancement opportunities can also make your organisation an indispensable link in the cultural ecosystem. 

Sketch the context and show your position within it. Because you’re application will in any case be weighed in the context of the broader arts landscape. 

What about ‘diversity & landscape care’?

What’s the difference between ‘diversity and landscape care’? Both criteria are somewhat similar. In all cases it’s about what makes your organisation unique. Always in relation to other players in the cultural field. 

It’s useful to know that your application will first be submitted to the disciplinary committee. No, this has nothing to do with disciplinary action. But everything to do with the distribution of resources across the various art disciplines. The same committee also examines the various functions. ‘Presentation’, ‘production’, ‘participation’, ‘development’ and/or ‘reflection’.  

Tip. Define relevance – i.e: your unique place in the network of the arts sector – first within your discipline, then outside it. And make use of the way in which you fill in one or more functions.

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