(Re)Connect with the UK: all about collaborations with the UK

In 2023, Flanders Arts Institute has been undertaking research to explore the (negative) impact of Brexit on the cultural sector in Flanders. We identified struggles and exchanged insights around inclusion and multi-voicedness. In doing so, we aim to reinforce and expand the cultural relations with the UK.

What role did Flanders Arts Institute play?

Flanders Arts Institute has been given a budget through the Brexit Adjustment Reserve Fund to support artists and arts professionals from Flanders and Brussels who want to liaise with the arts sector in the UK.

Through digital meetings and physical working visits, we met the various Arts Councils and got to learn more about the local arts sector. In addition, we organised an open call and three digital sessions gathering players in Flanders and in the UK on the themes of Arts and Health, Sustainability and Disability.

Cultural context, policy and the players in the UK

Drawing on our working visits to the UK, each profile presents a comprehensive in-depth overview divided into:

(1) General context
(2) Information and support
(3) Cultural policy and funding
(4) Overview of key players in the landscape

Discover our UK country profile

What do you, as an artist, need to know to get acquainted with a new country? FAI aims to simplify this process by providing detailed sheets for each country, packed with essential info. Including: insights into local cultural policies, available subsidies, important platforms, and key players in international collaborations.


Through our open call (Re)connect with the UK, 55 artists, makers and organisations from Flanders and Brussels received substantial and financial support to connect with the arts sector in the UK. Discover the travel reports of each artist per discipline below: