(Re)Connect with the UK: Everything you need to know about the Brexit Adjustment Reserve Fund and support for collaborations with the UK.

Since December 2022, Flanders Arts Institute / Kunstenpunt has been undertaking research – funded by the EU’s Brexit Adjustment Reserve Fund (BAR) – into the relationship between Flanders and the UK after Brexit. The aim is to re-establish relationships between the two area’s, with a specific focus on inclusion and multi-voicedness.

What is Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR)?

The Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR) is a European aid programme that aims to help EU countries, regions and sectors affected by the Brexit.

The Brexit ended the free movement of people, goods, services and money between the EU and the UK. This has created obstacles for those operating between the two regions. The Brexit has had a significant impact on Flanders, which along with Ireland, the Netherlands and France are among the hardest hit areas in the EU.

To mitigate the negative impact of the Brexit in Flanders, the Flemish government and the EU are providing funding for affected companies, organisations and public bodies. The arts are also among the affected sectors and can therefore apply for financial support.

What role does Flanders Arts Institute play?

Flanders Arts Institute has been given a budget through the Brexit Adjustment Reserve Fund to support artists and arts professionals from Flanders and Brussels who want to liaise with the arts sector in the UK.