(Re)Connect with the UK: Session 3 – Disability arts

23 Nov 2023
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Since December 2022, Flanders Arts Institute / Kunstenpunt has been undertaking research – funded by the EU’s Brexit Adjustment Reserve Fund (BAR) – into the relationship between Flanders and the UK after Brexit. The aim is to re-establish relationships between the two regions, with a specific focus on sustainability, wellbeing, inclusion and diversity.

The next step is aimed at you: artists, art workers and organisations in Flanders. In November Flanders Arts Institute / Kunstenpunt will offer opportunities to initiate, strengthen and continue dialogue with colleagues in the UK via thematic digital sessions.

Following research and working visits to the UK, Flanders Arts Institute / Kunstenpunt has identified areas of strength in the UK cultural sector that are relevant to the sector in Flanders: sustainability, disability arts and cross-sectoral working (how does health and welfare intersect with the arts).

For each of these three themes, we have organised a digital meeting and exchange session of 2 hours which is open to all: artists, art professionals, organisations and platforms from Flanders and UK. 

Rewatch Session 3: Disability arts

This session will focus on strategies within the arts that maximise access for disabled people as artists, audiences, and arts professionals. Speakers from British Council, Disability Arts Wales and Creative Scotland will share current and best practice in the UK. Cripping The Space, from Flanders, will present its new charter.

Rewatch the session:

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(Re)Connect with the UK: Session 3 – Disability arts · Watch in the videozone

Confirmed speakers:

  • Ben Evans, British Council
  • Cripping the Space, Flanders
  • Kaite O’Reilly


During these sessions, colleagues from Flanders and the UK will deliver a 10 minute presentation on the theme, detailing best practice in terms of content and policy in their region, followed by a Q&A.

Following the Q&A, the participants will move into breakout rooms where there will be the opportunity to meet peers who are interested in opening a dialogue around this topic. 

We expect these sessions will be conducted in English. Please see our accessibility information below if you anticipate requiring translation.

We ask participants to provide a brief biography and outline their interests via the registration form so that we can make the best use of the breakout sessions.

Following these digital sessions we will arrange for some of the participants (maximum 2 per session) to undertake a working visit to the UK to strengthen dialogue opened in these meetings.


If you would like to speak to our team about specific requirements for the digital meetings (e.g. captions, sign language) please contact dirk.dewit@kunsten.beThe sessions will be conducted in English, if you require translation into another language, please let us know.

Questions? Join our digital Afternoon Tea

Join our Afternoon Tea to discuss what connections you would like to make in the UK. We can suggest and arrange introductions for you. 

  • Every other week on Wednesday at 3 to 4 PM CET (25 October, 8 November, 22 November)
  • Click on the Zoom-link and ask your questions directly to our colleagues (just drop by, no appointment needed).