Flemish Theatre Archive moves to Letterenhuis

Verhuis Letterenhuis (c) Anne van der Pot

In April, the Flemish Theatre Archive moved to Het Letterenhuis in Antwerp. The new destination for the archive marks an important step in the preservation and accessibility of our rich Flemish cultural heritage.

“The Theatre Archive contains a wealth of valuable documents, including press cuttings, posters, brochures, photographs and recordings of theatre performances. Everything was stored and described in its own database. Moving to the Letterenhuis will ensure that these are optimally organised and preserved. In this way, we will make the archive accessible to researchers, artists and the general public”

Tom Ruette, Head data-, information- and knowledge management, Flanders Arts Institute

Flemish Theatre Archive

The Flemish Theatre Archive originated in the 1980s among various arts organisations and institutions. It was not until the Flemish Theatre Institute (VTi) was founded that all the archives were managed together in one place. The VTi collected press cuttings, posters, brochures, photos and recordings of all theatre performances in Flanders. When this documentation task disappeared from the Arts Decree in 2013, the VTi merged with Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen and the support centre for Visual, Audiovisual and Media Arts (BAM) in 2015.

The new organisation (Flanders Arts Institute) is not an institution that manages collections. The documentation work was therefore discontinued. Flanders Arts Institute has therefore been looking for a new home for all its archives, including the Flemish Theatre Archive. VTi’s collection of theatre texts already found a new home last year at OPENDOEK’s Theaterbib in Antwerp.

Het Letterenhuis

Het Letterenhuis in Antwerp is the literary archive of and for Flanders. With its extensive expertise in the management of archives and the preservation of cultural heritage, Het Letterenhuis will ensure that the Theatre Archive is kept in optimal condition and professionally managed. The move opens up new opportunities for research and exchange. We are taking an important step towards the preservation of our Flemish cultural heritage and look forward to this new cooperation.

Archief (c) Lucinde Wahlen
Archief (c) Lucinde Wahlen

ADDRESS Letterenhuis Antwerpen: Minderbroedersrui 17 — 2000 Antwerp

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