Flanders Arts Institute supports 56 working visits to the United Kingdom

Based on an open call we launched in September 2023, 56 art professionals from Flanders were selected to meet their colleagues in the United Kingdom in the coming months. The aim is to exchange experiences and strengthen dialogue and cooperation between the two regions.

A total of 11 artists and art professionals active in the music industry, 16 in the performing arts, 26 in visual arts and 3 people working cross-sectorally are involved. They will visit artists and organisations in England (47), Scotland (16), Wales (3) and Northern Ireland (2).*

Next year, the participants will share their connections and learning experiences.

* The total number of visits here is 68 which is more than 56 because some fellows will visit more than one country.

Who is selected for a working visit to the UK?

Currently, you can still let us know about ways in which you would like to get in touch with colleagues from the UK, as we may look to extend this scheme into 2024, although for now these opportunities are mainly digital meetings.

You can also sign up for digital theme sessions on topics currently alive in the UK cultural sector and also topical in Flanders:

More information

Read our dossier on the Brexit Adjustment Reserve Fund and support for collaborations with the UK