Trio Aries and Desguin Quartet are Supernovas of 2020

Desguin Kwartet

Supernova – of which Flanders Arts Institute is a co-initiator – is a competition for professional, young chamber music ensembles with an idiosyncratic view on classical music. Experienced programmers from the Belgian classical music world annually award two ensembles with the Supernova Prize.

The final of SUPERNOVA 2020 took place on 2 February in the chamber music hall of BOZAR. From the four finalists, Trio Aries and the Desguin Quartet were selected as Supernovas of 2020.

Trio Aries (violin, cello and piano) performed fragments of piano trios by Shostakovich and Mendelssohn. The Desguin Quartet (two violins, viola and cello) performed works by Beethoven, Stravinsky and Lekeu, and won the audience prize worth € 1000.

The jury consisted of delegates from Klarafestival, Klara, Musiq’3, Flanders Arts Institute, Beeldenstorm Anderlecht, CC Strombeek Grimbergen, CC Ter Dilft Bornem and CC Westrand. Jan Michiels, Guy Danel, Veerle Simoens (Ghent Festival) and Claus Vermeulen (Supernova 2019) were the four external members of the jury.

About the prize

Supernova is an initiative of various partners from the music sector with the aim of supporting young, professional chamber music ensembles.

Every year, programmers from the classical music world crown two Belgian chamber music ensembles as Supernovas. This is an incentive prize that gives young artists recognition and playing opportunities: a business card at the start of a promising career.

Supernovas are offered a concert tour throughout Belgium. The first concert of this tour will take place in BOZAR in the context of Klara Festival 2020. Supernovas will also receive media attention from Klara and Musiq’3 and guidance in their further professional careers.

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