Sector day: mag(net)ic field

08 Sep 2023
Sector dayKVS Box, Brussels
Working together for more cohesion in our arts field

Screws @ Oerol, Ter Schelling - Alexander Vantournhout (c) Bart Grietens

Working together for more cohesion in our arts field
The happy reunion! Having lunch together, catching up, making new friends. But also: working on cohesion in our field. Artists and institutions, different generations, different needs and visions of art… Do we really have more opposing interests than common goals, or does it just seem that way? Opposites can be complementary, even attract each other. Time to work on our magnetic arts field!

Our arts field unites many perspectives. Those who talk only to direct colleagues and peers sometimes start thinking unsubtly about other types of players. This way we risk losing sight of shared goals: the most diverse range of art for the widest possible audience, for example, or working together in a fair, multi-voiced and caring way.

On this sector afternoon we work on our magnetic (arts) field. In small groups we will consider a number of cases, fictionalized but drawn from reality. They sketch situations in which a certain tension or conflict arises, and in which different interests come into play. We sharpen our understanding of those different considerations.

What perspectives and sensitivities are at play in these cases, and which ones were you not yet aware of as a participant? And especially: how do we strengthen this mutual knowledge in a sustainable way, so that we remain well connected as a field, and keep our shared goals in mind?

Play and learn with us! And make new friends.

We’ll start with a communal lunch to catch up, warm up and put our groups together.

For this day, we have a bring an artist policy*.

*What we understand this to mean can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Where & when?

Friday September 8th, 2023

13u – 17u (lunch included)
KVS BOX, Brussels


The event is fully booked.

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The venue is fully accessible by wheelchair. We try our best to make the event as accessible as possible. Therefore, if you are in need specific needs or assistance, please fill out this access rider and send it to us.

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