Let me be your guide: 21st century choir music in Flanders

Lucien Goethals (26 June 1931 – 12 December 2006), Belgian composer in IPEM Genth ca. 1984

That Flanders has an exceptional tradition of choir music has been common knowledge for a long time. But what about our 21st century choir music?

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Koor&Stem supports + 1000 choirs and + 35 000 singers and conductors across Flanders. Koor&Stem brings people together through song, promotes fresh perspectives on the future of choral life, helps and inspires, creates learning opportunities and performance prospects.

The biggest choir competition in the world will take place in Flanders. Read more.

> UPDATE: Due to the corona virus, The World Choir Games will be postponed to July 2021.

Among many commercially available recordings of Flemish choir music from this and the previous centuries, the CDs on Belgian record label Phaedra deserve special mention. The series In Flanders’ Fields contains choir music by o.a. Lucien Posman (In Flanders’ Fields 74), Roland Coryn (In Flanders’ Fields 81) and Kristiaan and Maarten van Ingelgem (In Flanders’ Fields 82).

Our online special on classical (incl. contemporary) music in Flanders and Brussels.

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