Fingerprints #5 – listen to new music by composing Flanders

Fingerprints #5 (c) Joram

The fifth edition of Fingerprints is out. Once again, with new, short and radio-friendly recordings, the CD offers a sampling of composing Flanders. This year, the compositions are played by Koi Collective and Firgun Ensemble.

With the Fingerprints CD series, ComAV, Klara and Kunstenpunt highlight composers nationally and internationally. The series was launched in 2011 with the aim of promoting the work of living composers to (inter)national professionals and the wider public.

This year’s CD consists of 16 new recordings by Koi Collective and Firgun ensemble.

Opnames Fingerprints met Koi Collective
Firgun Ensemble – Supernova finale 2022 (c)Syntha Cnudde

Release Fingerprints #5

On May 3, you can tune in to Klara for the release, which will also feature several tracks from the CD throughout the week. Moreover, on May 8 you can catch Music Matters, where Mart & Eddy Flecijn, two of the CD’s participating composers will be guests.

The full track list can be listened to on all major streaming services. Interested in the physical CD? Request your copy via

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  1. The Tale of Timmy in the Tumble Dryer – Dietrich van Akelyen / Firgun Ensemble
  2. Winter Dance – Marc Matthys / Koi Collective
  3. Nostalgia – Theo Carpentier / Electronics
  4. Drop – Mart Flecijn / Firgun Ensemble
  5. Mototaxi – Ward De Vleeschhouwer / Koi Collective
  6. Aphorisme – Annelies Van Parys / Firgun Ensemble
  7. Regards – George De Decker / Firgun Ensemble & Electronics
  8. Lovelings Lovely Sisters – Bart Van Kerchove / Firgun Ensemble
  9. Struggling to Survive – Eddy Flecijn / Koi Collective
  10. Fleurs – Benjamin Windelinckx / Firgun Ensemble
  11. Shards – Kristof Lauwers / Electronics
  12. Rascheln IIIA – Siebe Thijs / Koi Collective & Electronics
  13. Jormungandr – Jasper Charlet / Firgun Ensemble
  14. A Song Before Dying – Julia Omaar Emmery / Koi Collective
  15. La Llorona Consolada – Luc Bataillie / Firgun Ensemble
  16. Spleen – Wilfried Westerlinck / Firgun Ensemble