Think along: what should Flanders Arts Institute’s Landscape Sketch definitely be about?

Flanders Arts Institute

Flanders Arts Institute is currently developing a new Landscape Sketch of the Arts for 2025. We welcome your ideas and suggestions for this project. In the year 2024, we will organise a number of meetings by discipline (visual arts, performing arts or music) and by theme. Have we missed any topics? Let us know!

What do we look for?

What do you think it should be about? Who should we bring together? Who still needs a voice? Are we overlooking an important issue? What is still missing from our list?

We will organise five additional working sessions in the fall of 2024 around your chosen topics.

Current themes of our Landscape Sketch

What topics are not listed above and could be submitted?

All themes within the disciplines visual arts, performing arts and classical music.


You can submit proposals in Dutch or English.

Who can submit topics?

Themes can be submitted by individual artists, art workers (contract or independent), groups or (art) organisations (subsidised or not).

Selection and planning

The FAI team will select five proposals between May 21 and June 3. We will contact you about the next steps on June 3. The sessions on the selected themes will take place between September and November 2024.

Submit your topic!

You can submit your theme until 21 May via the Google Form.

Submit your topic here


Contact our colleague Tom Ruette.