Operating subsidies: applying and explaining is an art

It seems like it’s relevant to each criterion: ‘if you can’t meet this requirement, explain why.’ Are exceptions really possible everywhere? As long as you can explain them? No. Sometimes you do have to follow the guidelines very closely. Sometimes deviations are possible. But when is what possible exactly?

A very good reason

There are a few criteria from which you can deviate. But then again. Depart from the prescribed path only if you have a very good reason. And if you can properly explain that reason. Start from your artistic-substantive plan..

Four times margin for manoeuvre

There are four criteria with some margin for manoeuvre. Four domains in which you can slightly deviate from the conditions. Again, see above, don’t do this rashly. And each time explain why you are taking advantage of that leeway.

  1. Minimum and maximum percentages: the lower limit for self-generated revenue and employment and the upper limit for reserve formation are guideline figures. You can deviate from these if you have a good reason. Note: do this from the start, so already in your application dossier. Making no exceptions in your application means no exceptions during the term of the subsidies.
  2. Archives: The guidelines proposed by TRACKS are not rigid. If you prefer to use your own documentation system, explain why. Here again: comply or explain.
  3. Fair practices: juistisjuist.be contains guidelines, model contracts and calculators. But also a sentence that can differ “depending on the context”. So here too there is room to deviate – with justification. Please note, you cannot deviate from the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  4. Goed bestuur: There are eight principles in the new governance code for culture. The second principle says: “comply or explain”. The argument “size and maturity“ may apply to some organisations.

Article 15

May you use subsidies for another purpose? Article 15 says that you must then justify why “deviations from the application dossier or the updated policy plan were necessary”.