Operating grants: Good governance in culture

To be eligible for subsidies, you must not only be doing well artistically, but the business side must also be in order. For this you need a solid budget, and a strong personnel policy. And: good governance. This criterion assesses the composition of the board. And the way in which that board leads the organisation. 

New! New! New! 

Already receiving subsidies? Then you already have a governance code. Please note! The previous governance code – that of 2017 – contained ten principles. Now there are eight. You must therefore also update your governance code with your new application

Crack the code

The eight new principles are:

  1. Explicit cultural mission 
  2. Either you apply the Governance Code, or you explain why you are deviating from it 
  3. Integrity, and always in the interest of the organisation
  4. No role confusion and conflict of interest
  5. Constructive-critical
  6. Balanced composition = expertise + diversity 
  7. Day-to-day management 
  8. People and resources are treated carefully, ethically & responsibly

It’s true: the above is a bit too concise. Here you can find extensive guidance on the Culture Governance Code (in Dutch).

Custom work

Be sure to read the recommendations at Culture Governance Code (in Dutch). If it didn’t come across as shouting, there would be an exclamation mark after this sentence. Because these recommendations are important. Applying the Governance Code to your internal operations requires a custom approach.

Toolbox and training

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, help is on the way. Open the toolbox and download the model documents (in Dutch). There are even training courses to which you can send management or, if necessary, your entire board of directors. 

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