Vision: start with the future

A vision is a long-term perspective. Where do you want to go artistically? Which path do you want to take in the next ten years? What would you like to mean in the future, for yourself and for others?

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It’s important to have prospects that are not based solely on what you can do today. A vision is about ‘what you would like to be able to do’. Your vision works like a compass that guides your choices and is based on the core values of your artistic work. It’s about what you would like to do with your talent, now and in the future. That doesn’t necessarily have to be quantitatively big or ambitious. Maybe you want to be involved in art on a small scale every now and then. Maybe your vision is: doing your thing, without compromise. That’s all legit.

More examples: “It’s my wish to motivate people through my art practice to create a sustainable society together. In ten years, I want to set up a collaboration with someone I look up to. Within 10 years I will be exhibiting in museum X, my plays will be performed by actors from very diverse cultural backgrounds, I will perform abroad, I will have proven that dancing with a disability is possible, I will have set up a project where the whole neighbourhood experiences art together”.