the Netherlands / Nederland

1. Cultural policy

Cultural policy profile

Cultural policy profile of the Netherlands in 7 thematic chapters, including additional information and resources:


2. Official representations

Representation of the Netherlands in Belgium

  • deBuren: The Flemish-Dutch house in Brussels, deBuren runs programmes and projects to support cultural exchange and debate between the two neighbours.

Representation of Flanders in the Netherlands

  • Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond: founded in 1981 and financed by the Flemish government, is a cultural house in the heart of Amsterdam with a mission to promote Flemish cultural identity, the presentation of distinct developments in the field of art and culture from Flanders and the promotion of Flemish-Dutch cooperation.

3. About funding, cooperation and information centers

– Funding and cooperation

  • Council for Culture: a body established by law to advise the Dutch Government and Parliament on the arts, culture and media. The Council provides recommendations regarding the cultural policy in the Netherlands, whether it is requested of them or not. The Council is not a funding body, but works with funders. It is IFACCA’s national member.
  • There are six national cultural funds in the Netherlands (so-called “Rijkscultuurfondsen”), namely:
    • Mondriaan Fonds in the visual arts and cultural heritage
    • Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industries for architecture, design, digital culture and any cross-disciplinary form between those.
    • Fonds Podiumkunsten for the professional performing arts: music, music theatre, dance, theatre and festivals. It is ITI national member. All grants are for Dutch residents, except for the grant for Dutch presentations abroad, at the invitation of prominent international festivals and venues.
    • Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie for the participation of all in cultural activities.
    • Letterenfonds for the literature sector, supporting Dutch and Frisian literature and translation.
    • Filmfonds in the film and audiovisual sector.
  • Fonds Kwadraat: Previously known as “Materiaalfonds”, Fonds Kwadraat is a loaning fund primarily in the visual arts and design. Rent-free loans are provided to create, produce or present art works.
  • Voordekunst: The Dutch platform for crowdfunding in the culture sector.

– Information

  • DutchCulture, Centre for International Cooperation: the network and knowledge organisation for international cultural cooperation in the Netherlands. It aims to support the Dutch cultural and creative sector, public authorities and diplomatic posts in the pursuit of their international ambitions. It is a member of EUNIC and On the Move, and an IFACCA Affiliate Member.
  • Information on the On the Move country page: On the Move is the cultural mobility information network, providing information and knowledge for artists and cultural professionals active across borders. On this page, you can find all current calls related to the country as well as the latest version of the Cultural Mobility Funding Guide – and more.
  • Mobility Info Point: The Dutch mobility information point is run by DutchCulture. It provides free guidance in administrative matters relating to working in the cultural sector in the Netherlands, from visa to work permits, taxation and more.
  • Cultuur en Ondernemen: Knowledge platform for entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative sector, C+O provides tips and guidance to develop one’s business. Handy funding overview under the section “tools”.
  • OverBruggen: Platform dedicated to the collaboration in the arts and culture sectors between the Netherlands and Flanders, OverBruggen provides relevant information, tools, tips and guidance on how to work cross-border between the two countries.

4. Other information portals and platforms

– All disciplines

  • Boekman Foundation: collects and disseminates knowledge and information about arts and culture in both policy and practice. Great resource on everything relating to cultural policies.
  • Kunstenbond: the union of people active in the cultural and creative sector, provides its members with legal support and more, and represents their interests. Kunstenbond takes part in FIA’s Dance Passport Scheme. Kunstenbond is part of De Creatieve Coalitie, reuniting more (sector specific) unions in the Netherlands.
  • Kunsten92: the national stakeholder organisation for the arts and culture sector. Good to check its members overview for a list of active arts and culture organisations in the Netherlands.
  • Rotterdam Festivals: For professional and general audiences, an overview of all festivals in Rotterdam.
  • Festival Fans: A private initiative providing an overview of festivals (in any discipline) in the Netherlands and Flanders.
  • Air Platform NL: Dedicated network of residencies in Netherlands and Flanders
  • AirBrabant: Collaboration between residency programmes in North-Brabant, AIR platform Brabant’s objective is to raise the profile of AIR programmes while garnering more attention for participating artists.

– Visual arts

  • Platform BK: A stakeholder organisation for the visual arts, Platform BK researches and influences the position of the visual art(ist)s in the Netherlands. It is part of De Creatieve Coalitie, and takes part in BKNL meetings. It is a membership based organisation.
  • De Zaak Nu: A stakeholder organisation for visual arts institutions working on presentation and on post-academic research.
  • Pictoright: the author’s rights organisation for visual creators in the Netherlands: illustrators, artists, graphic designers, photographers and other professional image creators. Pictoright distributes collective royalties, manages copyrights for artists, provides legal assistance, offers advice and strives for a better copyright position for image creators.
  • BNO: Union of designers at any point in their careers.
  • Het Nieuwe Instituut: the Netherlands’ national museum for architecture, design and digital culture. Next to exhibition and research work on social issues, Het Nieuwe Instituut supports the professional practice of designers in the Netherlands by boosting (inter)national relations, debate and knowledge.

– Performing arts

  • Theaterkrant: The largest theatre platform for the Netherlands, with daily news from the sector and reviews of performing arts shows.
  • Assitej Netherlands: The mission of the national centre of ASSITEJ in The Netherlands, ASSITEJ NL, is to promote Dutch professional Performing Arts for Young Audiences across cultural and international boundaries, to promote international exchange of knowledge and practice in Theatre for Young Audiences in order to increase creative co-operation and to deepen mutual understanding between all persons involved in the performing arts for young audiences.
  • NAPK: The trade association for the performing arts producers in the Netherlands
  • VSCD: The trade association for stages and venues in the Netherlands, with some 150 members.
  • VNPF: The trade association of venues and festivals in the Netherlands, at the intersection of performing arts and music.

– Music

  • Gonzo (circus): a paper magazine published six times a year, a hundred pages in total and in full color. Additionally, Gonzo (circus) is a website with blog posts, reviews, feature stories, series and more. It focuses on music, and much more.
  • BUMA Stemra: the organisation of and for all songwriters (text and music) and publishers in the Netherlands – the collecting rights society. About 33,000 music makers are affiliated with Buma/Stemra.
  • MMFNL: Trade organisation for music managers in the Netherlands
  • World Music Forum NL: Dutch project organisation focused on the promotion of global music in/out of the Netherlands
  • Dutch Music Export: an initiative by Fonds Dutch Performing Arts, Buma Cultuur and Stichting Popcoalitie, created with the core mission of highlighting and strengthening the international status of Dutch pop music around the world in substantial and measurable ways. It is a member of EMEE.