Zuid-Koreaanse kunstenaars programmeren? Krijg financiële steun

Korea Arts Management Service


The Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism of Korea and the Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) engage in a broad range of international exchange programs designed to introduce Korean contemporary art to audiences worldwide.

As a part of this effort, KAMS awards grants, through the Fund for Korean Art Abroad (FKAA), to international art institutions that organize exhibitions and projects outside Korea, for which Korean artists are invited to participate. By offering financial support to international art institutions, KAMS provides opportunities for promising Korean artists to penetrate the international art market and strengthen their network within the global art community.

  • To enhance the status of Korean art by providing support for Korean artists in top-notch global art museums, expecting ripple effects from holding relevant exhibitions, artwork sales, and events
  • To strategically increase the number of exhibitions with Korean artists by international organizations, boosting sales, and expanding opportunities for the continuous holding of events

For whom?

  • Special and touring exhibitions where international art organizations invite Korean artists
  • Exhibitions where international organizations invite Korean artists through cooperation with Korean partners
  • Exhibitions featuring commissioned artworks by Korean artists and partners
    *Applicants must fulfill at least one of the three conditions stated above.

How to apply?

International institutions in charge of holding Korean artist exhibitions must apply form to KAMS.

Submission period: December 20, 2022 (Tuesday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) until 23:59 KST
Submission: via email (art.abroad@gokams.or.kr)

More information

Read all the terms and conditions on gokams.or.kr