Write & Create invites writers, artists and researchers to Finland



Write & Create is an international residency program at the Arteles Creative Center in Hämeenkyrö, Finland. At Arteles, residents are given the freedom to create and focus in a stress-free environment. Time and space at the residency can be used for concentrating on ongoing work or research, reading, studying, starting a new project or pausing to contemplate their practice and being.

For whom?

Creative individuals who want to freely focus on their own thing, for example on:

– writing: draft / develop / finish your book, novel, screenplay, poetry collection, comics..
– studying & reading: thesis, phd, research… – thinking & reflecting: sketching, journaling, notebook working…
– creating: new body of work, project…

The program welcomes applications from writers, artists, designers, researchers and scientists widely from different backgrounds, fields and language areas. Both, established and emerging creative individuals are welcome to apply.

How to apply?

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