Volg een online training rond festivals

The Festival Academy


The series of Online Trainings consists of four sessions, each of them including two days of trainings (4-6h/day) and an optional social networking moment on Friday after the training.

The trainings will be built around the following topics (which will be further developed on the basis of the participants’ expectations):

  • Contemporary Festival Business Models – 23-24 September 2020: completed
  • Festivals and the Mitigation of Climate Change – 21-22 October 2020: completed
  • Curating Festivals – 25-26 November 2020: With the challenges related to COVID-19 adversely impacting festivals globally, not least because of the ‘fear of gatherings’ – the lifeblood of festivals – serving as vectors for viruses, many festivals have adapted to online and hybrid platforms to continue serving their mission. It is now possible to imagine that online festivals will remain part of our experience integrally and/or in mixed formats in the future. What are the possibilities and limitations of curating online and hybrid festivals? How does such curation differ from curating analogue festivals? How much does the audience experience affect the curating of (integrally or partially) online festivals? This training looks into curating festivals be it online, hybrid, physical, and the many mixed forms of analogue and digital currently coexisting; and it reflects on the change of programming in general as a result of the COVID-19 durational change of habits of audiences and topics of artists.
  • Festivals and Social Cohesion – 16-17 December 2020: In societies that are deeply divided by inequality, ethnicity, religious belief and other factors, festivals are increasingly being called upon to play broader social roles, rather than simply provide platforms for artistic expression. This is both because of the changes that societies are undergoing and because of pressure from public funding agencies whose mandate includes the integration of marginalised communities and individuals into the broader society. Is this a fair burden to place on Festivals? Can festivals contribute to social cohesion, and if so, how might they go about doing this? What are the challenges in playing a role to facilitate social cohesion? What are the opportunities that this presents?


The training targets the festival managers and producers community from a diversity of geographic and social backgrounds, disciplines, etc.

Applications need to be sent and motivated for each session and will be evaluated by a committee of experts. Applicants can be selected for multiple sessions.

We aim to select groups with an equal balance of different regions in the world allowing for global plenary sessions and for participants to tackle in depth the challenges related to current circumstances, taking into account different time zones.

Up to 60 participants will be selected.


Fee to be covered by participants for each session: 250€. Upon selection you will receive a selection letter and an invoice to pay the fee. The fee for the first session needs to be paid by 17 November 2020.

If you want to participate in more than one training, we offer progressive discounts: 10% off on two trainings (total: 450€).

If you are not able to cover the fee, please motivate in your application form why you would need a bursary fund.

Application & Selection procedure

Participants will be selected out of open calls for application for each session.

Selection criteria:

  • Applicants must be active in the cultural field;
  • Must deliver a strong motivation;
  • No age limit;
  • Good knowledge of English (working language of the sessions);
  • The selection process is based on the diversity, availability and motivation of the applicants.
  • Applicants are asked to provide information on who they are, what their work experience is, their expectations related to the programme, and most importantly their motivation to participate in each session.

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