Toon je werk op de kunstroute To Be Antwerp

To Be Antwerp


To Be Antwerp is an experimental platform built for and by young artists. For the 7th year in a row, we aim to create a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their work through a refreshing art route centered in Antwerp’s Theaterbuurt. The 30+ participating galleries, stores and cultural spaces all contribute to this out-of-the-box experience, building a bridge between art and the public.

Since 2019, the art route, where freshly graduated artists are being exhibited, has been complemented by a performance program giving a changing dimension to the exhibitions every year. While last year the line-up had a very international character, now we’d like to clear the stage
for local talent.

For whom?

  • Solo, duo, trio-performances (no submission fee)
  • Any age and stage of their career

We are looking for solo, duo, trio-performances, more specifically those performances that are easily adapted to a variety of spaces and that require no complicated technicalities. We ask you that, if you need any equipment, to provide it yourself. We welcome you to join our community!

What does each artist get?

  • One or several unique performance spots in the city center of Antwerp.
  • Artist fee (€100/p.p.)

How to apply?

  • Short bio/CV (tell us about yourself)
  • A short description of what you plan to do: can be an already existing or a new performance.
  • Portfolio with before realized projects max. 10 pages.
  • In Dutch or English

Send to:

Deadline: 7/08/2022

To Be Antwerp 2022: 25-26-27 November

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. Upon receiving your submission we’ll send you a confirmation. Participants will be notified about the results by the end of September.