TAMAC Residency Open Call for artists working with textile

TAMAT Musée de la Tapisserie et des Arts Textiles

For whom?

This call for research grant proposals is intended for designers who want to develop an artistic research project related to textile, within TAMAT.

Our terms and conditions:

  • Availability of workshops in the museum
  • Access to the museum, its restoration workshop and its documentary collection
  • Minimum attendance 1 day/week
  • Presence during 2 periods of residence on site
  • Artistic accompaniment
  • Closing exhibition

Our selection criteria :

  • The originality and artistic quality of the research project,
  • The link with the host structure and its textile heritage,
  • The interdisciplinary and/or transversal approach,
  • The envisaged interactions with the public,
  • The spirit of openness, invention, innovation and the defence of freedom of expression.

Duration: One year

Period: This call covers the period January 2022 to December 2022.

Deadline: The call will be closed on 30 April 2021.

How to respond to this call?

By sending your file to info@tamat.be

Your file must include :

  • The grant rules and procedures signed for approval (to be downloaded below)
  • The application form (download below)
  • A complete and recent curriculum vitae
  • A motivation letter with the artistic approach and the object of the research
  • Any visual or sound element that can help to better understand the work
  • A budget projection note
  • A list of previous scholarships (if applicable)

More info: http://www.tamat.be