Showing without going – Call out to workers, makers and audience worldwide

Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne

Showing without going: live performance options without air travel

What are the options for creating, producing and touring live performance in a world where we need to drastically reduce our energy use? Faced with an unfolding climate catastrophe, and building on what we’ve learnt during 2020’s Covid crisis, we propose to try and answer this question collectively.

Please help us with this mapping! Contribute with example of:

  • EXISTING examples you know about: artistic practices or protocols, specific artworks/performances/formats that do not require air travel to tour or suggest possibilities in that direction;
  • IMAGINED versions of the above;
  • We are also compiling any fears or concerns around this discourse that people want addressed.

Send us your contribution by filling in this form.

Deadline: 21st February 2021

Email any questions to: Tristan Pannatier, project manager at Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne

Please help us reach as many people as possible by forwarding this to your contacts and networks!

The contributions will form a database – an unruly mass of ideas, a collectively-scrawled map of possibilities. From this, new connections and introductions will emerge, and we’ll select a working group who will together untangle the lines, sort through the possibilities and imagine further. The end result will be an online and ever-growing publication/catalogue/compendium of possible formats for live performance touring without air travel. We hope it will serve as a useful and inspiring reference tool to navigate a turbulent future.

Download the whole call: