Residencies for artists and cultural workers Fundaziun Nairs – Engiadina Bassa – Switzerland

Fundaziun Nairs

As every year, Fundaziun Nairs is searching for guests from all arts disciplines (Visual Arts, music, literature, performance, design, architecture, photography, theater etc.). The duration of the residencies can span from two to nine months. The stays take place on the premises of the Fundaziun Nairs in the Lower Engadine. The Lower Engadine is a region in the canton of Grisons in Switzerland, a region with a unique cultural history.

The Fundaziun Nairs places special emphasis on the exchange in between guests and a sensitive and generous understanding of co-living. Fundaziun Nairs offers the potential to develop the own artistic work in a unique atmosphere. Up to ten artists and cultural workers live under one roof at the same time. Invited residents are accompanied by the curatorial and administrative staff of Fundaziun Nairs and receive a working space/studio and a space for living/sleeping room (several of the arrangements are combined, please consult our website for precise information). In various discursive and publicly oriented formats, the own work and approaches can be discussed and presented.

The residents’ share to cover costs is CHF 950.- per month. This includes food/board in-house which is organized by the residents autonomously via a cooking schedule. Basic supplies are delivered regularly and available in the generous pantry. The team of Fundaziun Nairs tries to support residents in their search for funding and grants. If possible, the staff will also support in regards to visa and other barriers.

Residents are in general fully responsible for funding, organization, travel and related formalities. Building an established basis, Fundaziun Nairs is aiming towards a gentle reorientation over the course of the next years. People of all backgrounds, origin and identity are explicitly invited to apply for residencies. Applications by collectives are also welcome. Life partners and children are – if possible – also invited as co-residents (may generate additional costs). We kindly ask to consult the website of Fundaziun Nairs for more information and applicable conditions.

Deadline for applications for residencies in 2024 (February 1st – November 30th 2024): October 31st, 2023, 11pm CET.

Please find the details for the application modalities on our website: Fundaziun Nairs | Anmeldung Application

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