Realiseer een digitaal kunstproject rond watermanagement

Europese Commissie

Water is becoming an ever more scarce resource. There is a clear need across the European Union to raise awareness about the urgency to improve water management both on a societal collective level and on the level of each citizen.


This call aims to unite the digital with the arts in order to promote a European policy vision on the future of water and to help raise societal awareness on water use. Artistic residencies in companies will help inducing a change of mind-set and novel ideas regarding the preservation of water resources. Consortia will propose concrete ideas at the nexus of art, digital, and water that will lead to a sustainable set of actions and a burgeoning community. Links to existing initiatives like STARTS and Digital Innovation Hubs are encouraged.

The following types of activities are eligible under this call for proposals: 

  • Events and art exhibition; 
  • Networking activities; 
  • Funding of experiments including art installations or similar 
  • Residencies of artists in technology and water institutions: fees, travel and daily allowance covering all needs; 
  • Financial support to third parties (see point 11.8. d)) to support artists in residence. 
  • Educational workshops 

The suggested project’s duration is between 18 months and 22 months. 

For whom?

Proposals may be submitted by any of the following applicants or combinations of: 

  • non-profit organisation (private or public) 
  • public authorities (national, regional, local) 
  • universities 
  • educational institutions 
  • foundations
  • research/technology and art centres 
  • profit making entities
  • international organisations 

Natural persons are not eligible to apply for a grant under this call for proposals. 

Only applications from legal entities established in EU Member States are eligible.

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