Radio Art Residency Weimar (Germany)

Goethe-Institut and Experimental Radio at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The Radio Art Residency is an international fellowship programme for artistic practice on the radio. The residency is a joint project by the Goethe-Institut and Experimental Radio at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in cooperation with the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Thuringia’s Landesmedienanstalt, EIGENHEIM Weimar/Berlin and ACC Galerie Weimar.

The programme offers a three-month residency twice a year in Weimar for artists from non-German speaking countries.

The aim of the fellowship is to promote independent and open-ended artistic work and to support the realisation of new artworks. The programme encourages artists from various disciplines to deal with the narrative, technical and artistic potential of the radio medium, and specifically promotes exploration of radio as an instrument of communication and possibly even the questioning of what can be constituted as language by the radio. From the use of the radio as an exhibition space for artworks to a real-time medium, the residency offers a wide range of creative options for artistic practice.

The organisers provide:

  • Financing of arrival and departure expenses.
  • Accommodation in Weimar for 3 months.
  • A monthly fellowship of 2,300 euros (includes material and production costs as well as costs for local transport and travel).
  • A broadcast in the Klangkunst programme of Deutschlandfunk Kultur.
  • Curatorial supervision and technical support by Experimental Radio at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Provision of airtime by (Radio Lotte).

The first Radio Art Residency Weimar will take place from 1 April to 30 June 2021. The programme is for artists working in the field of acoustic and time-based arts (radio, performance and sound artists). Applications are open to artists from non-German speaking countries without residence in Germany.

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