Perform a 12-hours meander

Flux I bell sTRUcTURs projects curated by Harm Lux

When: 2024,
Where: as well on local & international-ground/network
Submission deadline: April 11, 2023 (Tuesday night, Berlin time)
Meander, or: When the individual empathises with the world, with these sensitizations and perceptions, then we strengthen the collective

More than 200 years ago Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet and naturalist, wrote „I went into the forest. For my own self, and nothing to seek. That was my purpose.” 100 years later James Joyce’s protagonist Leopold Bloom meandered through Dublin for 18 hours. What if we unite Goethe’s sensitisation with James Joyce’s meandering, and refer this idea to the present? How do we “meander”?

We have to ask ourselves: how do mentally-sensitive subjects respond to the processes of our time? What is growing in us? How do we react to these social oscillations and how do we interpret them? How does the sensitisation develop when identity-virtualities are considered as orientation, what then characterises empathy here!

We raise these questions but do not look for answers, the project functions as a “snapshot” (connecting moments in time).

Implementation: the project is planned for the end of 2023/beginning of 2024. Fifty-five international cultural workers (artist-performers*, video-filmmakers*, virtual natives*, sound-noise artists*, eco-architects*, poets and writers*) will take part worldwide and about 16 theorists* will make a cultural contribution to the project.

Cultural practitioners will be asked to perform a 12-hours meander and the way of performing will be decided by the individual. From about 15 theoreticians we expect a theoretical “fall out of time” text*, that contributes to the sense-making (*max 8 pgs). Other forms of contributions are also possible to discuss. The Meander (meaner.. meandada.. ) Results will be collected after the performance (End 2023/Jan. 2024). Together with the participants we create a setting,  the “moments in time” turn into forms, a living exhibition will be prepared based on the results of the performances (March 2024). The presentation is going to happen on 2 continents. Additionally, at the place of presentation you will do an introduction to the work or a reading. Your contributions are part of an international artistic-theoretical project conference/workshop.

As organizers, we are going to cover:

payment for participants for their work on the meander and some afterwork*
participants’ travel costs to the place of the presentation, accomodation and per Diem*
The presentation part is going to happen in Berlin and one other location (ongoing research, contacts are welcome as well).

*Exact amount known first October days 2023

Your project interest/submission consists of:  

  1. A short bio (1/2 page).
  2. Describe your first/preliminary ideas (as a cultural worker or theorist) in a few sentences. Name what will characterise your (artistic) meander. What is very important to you personally.
  3. You can also include your website link or portfolio in PDF (max 6 MB). We ask searchers to attach a short description of they current work (1-page text description).

    The submission is open till 11.04.23 Tuesday night, Berlin time
    If you are interested send the email to

    Hope to hear from you & thank you for your interest
    Kasia Habas – curator & Harm Lux – management

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