Oproep voor choreografen voor Tanz.Transformator in Noord-Macedonië

Beatrix Cultural Center


Tanz.Transformator is a one-year open and inclusive dance project of Beatrix Cultural Center in Skopje. In the course of 2023, recognised foreign and local choreographers will work with ambitious emerging and established dancers from the country on inspiring productions, which will be staged in Skopje and tour to several other cities in the region. For this first cycle of the project, activities will take place during January and February 2023.

All choreographers interested to apply are welcomed to share their project proposal, including a theme and ideas on the basis of which they will create the performance. Beatrix Cultural Center encourage proposals that show social engagement and critical awareness throughout the production process, for instance by selecting themes for creation such as women’s rights, gender based violence, youth mental health, climate change, or environmental challenges. However, they are open to other proposals as well and the projects will be selected based on their overall quality and authenticity.

More information and application

Choreographer’s responsibilities: 

  • Three days dance intensive / 4 hours of dance workshops per day.
  • Selection of 7 performers.
  • Development of performance (45-60 min) within 21 working days (25 days in total with non-working days).
  • Touring with the performance to Skopje and three other cities.
  • Active participation in the artists’ talks following each performance.
  • Allowance for social media coverage of the workshop, residency and performance.
  • Rider list and information about: lights, costumes, set design, etc.

The project offers: 

  • Honorary for the workshops and the production: 2300 EUR.
  • International travel costs (maximum 320 EUR) and local transport during the tour.
  • Accommodation and a modest per diem during the stay.
  • Venue for workshops, residency and performance.
  • Services of a costume designer, scenographer and a composer, and lighting.

Applications are open to emerging or established artists over the age of 25 who are European citizens or who are living/working in Europe.