Open call European ARTificial Intelligence Lab, Astronomy x AI

European Digital Art and Science Network

The AI Lab (European ARTificial Intelligence Lab) is a project of the European Digital Art and Science Network and offers international artists working in the field of AI the chance to win a residency at a scientific partner institution and at the Futurelab of Ars Electronica. In this open call, artists will have the chance to apply for a residency at Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands.

The theme of the residency is Astronomy x AI. The Universe is much larger, more diverse, dynamic and enigmatic than our ancestors could have imagined when they first gazed at the stars. The captivating and mysterious nature of that sight makes astronomy so endlessly fascinating.

By using experimental methods and technological approaches like artificial intelligence, the Leiden Observatory aims at understanding what we actually see when observing such an ungraspable thing as the Universe.

Leiden Observatory is exploring fundamental questions about our place in the Universe: how the past and the future of knowledge can improve the understanding of all that surrounds us and defines our very existence in time.

The residency is divided in two parts. First, 4-6 weeks at Leiden Observatory where the winning artist will have a dedicated science mentor to inspire him/her and his/her work. The second part will be 3-6 weeks with the Futurelab team at Ars Electronica (based in Linz, Austria) with whom the winner will develop and make new work inspired by the residency at Leiden Observatory.

Offered: an artist fee of 3.000 EUR and a production budget of €7.000 EUR.

Accommodation and travel funded from an Ars Electronica designated limited fund covering all residencies.

The call is open for international artists and all kinds of innovative concepts and ideas in the fields of AI, Machine Learning and Digital approaches to make sense of the Universe.

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