Open call Saari Residency in Finland

Saari Residency

The Saari Residence in Finland, Northern Europe, is an international artist in residence for professional artists and artist collectives of various fields. Residency is maintained by Kone Foundation and it’s located in Mynämäki, Southwest Finland. The residency places for the following year can be applied in March.

Two-month residencies for artists in Finland

At the Saari Residence (Finland), professional artists of all disciplines and nationalities can focus on their work in a peaceful rural environment and share their thoughts and experiences with colleagues.

The two-month artist residency periods run from September to April, with eight Saari Fellows staying at the residency at a time. From May to August, the Saari Residence is reserved for intensive group work.

Individuals staying at the artist residency receive a monthly grant, and groups may apply for a group residency grant and support for the travels. In addition, we encourage applicants to apply support slow travel (avoiding flying).

Open call for artist residencies is always for the residency place for the following year. Working periods for the 2-month individual residencies are as follows:

  • Period 1: January to February
  • Period 2: March to April
  • Period 3: September to October
  • Period 4: November to December

Groups may apply to use our facilities for 2–4 weeks between mid-May and mid-August.

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